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5 Myths About Baby Formula All Mothers Should Know
Breastfeeding has long been recommended as the preferred feeding method for infants. But what about those situations when it’s not an option due to medical necessity or lifestyle?

Many mothers turn to using baby formula. Although formula is often looked down upon due to numerous myths surrounding it, it’s actually a healthy and acceptable way to feed your baby.
Baby Formula Myth #1: Formula Fed Babies Don’t Bond As Much With The Mother
While it’s true breastfed babies have a great deal of skin to skin contact with their mothers that does not mean formula-fed babies lack that same bonding.

Skin to skin contact can still occur during bottle feeding because a baby can be feed topless to create a similar experience as with breastfeeding or by stroking the baby’s head or holding their hand. This allows the infant to experience skin to skin contact the same as breastfed babies do.
Baby Formula Myth #2: Baby Formula Is Not As Healthy As Breastmilk
There are differences between breast milk and formula, but those differences have little to do with a baby getting the appropriate amount nutrition.

It’s a common misperception that breast milk is nutritionally complete, when in actuality it depends a lot on the mother’s diet, genetics and geography.

Baby formula is completely safe since it’s required to meet all nutritional guidelines. So formula contains the protein, vitamins and minerals necessary for proper nutritional value.
Baby Formula Myth #3: Baby Formula Is Not A Good Idea
Breastfeeding is a healthy and natural way for feeding your baby, but there are times when formula feeding is necessary and important for the mother or baby’s health.

Some mothers are simply unable to produce enough breast milk for their babies. Other times a mother’s health issues or medication she must take could prevent her from safely breastfeeding. There might also be instances where an infant has an intolerance or allergy to milk and requires a soy formula. And for some women breastfeeding or pumping is not an option because it’s too difficult due to lifestyle issues such as a busy work schedule.

Mothers should never be hesitant or ashamed for using baby formula if it’s what they choose or what their paediatrician recommends.

Baby Formula Myth #4: Supplementing With Formula Will Cause Your Milk To Dry Up
You probably already know breastfeeding is a supply and demand process, meaning your body produces more milk depending on how often you breastfeed or pump.

However, it’s not an exact science so if you want or need to incorporate formula into your baby’s diet, you don’t have to worry because your body will adjust according to the new feeding schedule.
Baby Formula Myth #5: Formula Feeding Causes Nipple Confusion
Many mothers who breastfeed but also want or need to use baby formula on occasion, fear it will cause their babies to have nipple confusion.

This is why some mothers who breastfeed never consider using formula. Not because they are against formula - but because they are afraid their babies will not know what to do when a different type of nipple is introduced.

This is an old myth and is not true. Babies don’t end up having nipple confusion even when using both natural and artificial nipples. What they do have is nipple preferences which simply takes a little experimenting to find the type of artificial nipple your baby prefers.
These long-standing myths about baby formula are just that - myths. Every mother deserves to have accurate information for making the right choice for her and her baby.

If you use or are considering using baby formula Magistir makes the tasks of preparing it fast and easy. We invite you to learn more about our 4-in-1 feeding station by clicking below.
5 Myths About Baby Formula All Mothers Should Know
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