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Patent Number: PCT/CN2017/105391
Meet MagiStir™
The MagiStir™ 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station lets parents conquer feeding time. It...
  •  mixes and warms baby formula in 90 seconds
  •  defrosts and warms baby food and breast milk without a microwave
  •  reheats partial bottles (and saves milk!)
  •  sterilises bottle teats and pacifiers
Warms to the perfect feeding temperature - every time
MagiStir™ warms formula to the perfect feeding temperature (40°C, 104°F) automatically and then shuts itself off. 
Studies have shown that how you prepare formula is just as important as the formula you choose. 

Formula that's too hot can burn the baby's mouth and destroy the milk's nutrients. Formula that's too cold can cause constipation. 

Our competitors leave temperature to chance. Moms have expressed dissatisfaction with bottle warmers because they have to monitor the temperature themselves. It's a difficult task with an active baby on their hands. 

Forgetting the warmer means the milk can get too hot or even burn.

MagiStir™'s intelligent design heats the formula to the perfect feeding temperature (40°C, 104°F) automatically and then shuts itself off. 

Moms already have too many things to keep an eye on. MagiStir™ isn't one of them.
Heats formula in 90 seconds, beating competitors by 3 minutes
MagiStir™ is faster too. It heats formula in 90 seconds, beating its competitors by more than 3 minutes.  
Bottle warmers available on the market have heating times between 3 and 4 minutes. Unhappy customers complain that heating often takes longer than that! 

That's not good enough for an exhausted mommy or daddy with a screaming baby, when 3 minutes feels like 3 hours. 

That's why MagiStir™ is designed to heat to the perfect feeding temperature in 90 seconds, beating our competitors by 3 minutes or more.  
Designed for safety with an automatic shutoff
Unlike popular bottle warmers, MagiStir™ is designed to shut itself off, a feature customers desire.
Our customer research uncovered that a lack of timer or self-shutdown feature was the biggest complaint about our competitors. 

In a best case scenario, forgetting to shut off a bottle warmer burns the milk. In a worst case scenario, it can pose a serious fire hazard in the baby's home. 

Unlike popular bottle warmers, MagiStir™ is built to shut itself off when the optimal feeding temperature is reached. 
Play to see how MagiStir™ works
Stirs formula evenly for a tummy free from gas, pain & discomfort
Shaking a bottle to mix causes air bubbles that upset a baby's sensitive tummy. 
Shaking a bottle to mix creates air bubbles, causing gas, pain, and discomfort in a baby's sensitive tummy. 

Bottle warmers only heat the formula. You still need to shake it to get a consistent mix. 

MagiStir™ is designed to warm and stir for an even formula mix. No shaking. No air bubbles. No clumps. No upset stomach.
Sterilises itself with a quick, powerful whirlpool of boiling water
MagiStir™ is the only product on the market that sterilises itself with a quick but powerful vortex of boiling water for an easy cleanup. 
Self-sterilisation is a unique feature that sets MagiStir™ apart from other products in the market. It sterilises itself with a whirlpool of boiling water and can also be used to give pacifiers, baby bottle teats and other small items a germ-destroying wash. 

It's a persuasive feature for parents. 

The sterilisation setting combined with a natural ceramic inner coating that's nonstick and CoolTouch silicon grips for safe handling at boiling temperatures make MagiStir™ the easiest and cleanest baby formula mixer to have in your home. 
Eliminates the need to heat or defrost with a microwave
Customer conversations show concerned parents prefer not to use a microwave to heat food and milk. With MagiStir™, they don't have to.
Parents are growing increasingly weary of using microwaves and of the effects they can have on their baby's food. Science already shows that microwaves destroy precious nutrients needed for growing bodies. 

This device comes with 4 powerful functions to cover any feeding time needs. No microwave needed. 

Parents can now thaw and warm baby food or breast milk with the defrost setting. And because babies don't always take a whole bottle at one time, the same setting can be used to rewarm partial bottles fast. 

This saves parents time and prevents wasted milk. 

Concerned parents are going to love that MagiStir™ covers all their feeding time needs and eliminates any dependence on a microwave. 
MagiStir™ Specifications & Accessories
MagiStir™ is made with safe, durable, environmentally-friendly materials.
Body with Tritan™ Lid & Detachable Base
  •  Natural ceramic inner coating that's PTFE-free, easy to clean, and doesn't stick
  •  CoolTouch silicon grips for safe handling even at boiling temperatures
  •  Tritan™ lid that shines like glass but won't shatter when you drop it
  •  8H hardness that's not easy to scratch
  •  Power button with 3 colour indicators for simple control 
  •  Stainless steel 304 to withstand corrosion and last you through hundreds of washes
  •  500W for more energy efficiency
  •  Cord with built-in cord storage to keep your countertops clutter free
  •  BPA-free & PTFE-free

Contactless Magnetic 
Stirring Arm
  •  Clicks magnetically to the inner surface so it's easy to remove and reattach for cleaning
Sterilising Basket with 
  •  Fits into main body
  •  Creates water motion to loosen dirt particles
  •  Has angled fins to agitate water for self-cleaning
  •  Holds pacifiers, bottle teats, and other small items for a quick germ-destroying wash

 Patent Protected
MagiStir™ Baby Formula Mixer
Retail Price
Patent Number: PCT/CN2017/105391
  Patent Protected
MagiStir™ 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station
Retail Price
Patent Number: PCT/CN2017/105391
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Patent Number: PCT/CN2017/105391
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