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MagiStir 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station
Stirs And Warms Formula To The Perfect Temperature In Just 90 Seconds
and it cleans & sterilises too!
Every MagiStir is protected by our 1-Year Warranty

From: Joyce

Hi, I’m Joyce, one of the creators of MagiStir.

Working in the maternity unit with tiny newborns, I saw this problem every day: 
"New moms wanted to give their babies the best nutrition possible, but they didn’t know much about baby formula."

That's why we set out to create the perfect solution: 
The MagiStir™ 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station -
Stir & warm your baby's formula. To the perfect temperature. In 90 seconds. With one device. 
The MagiStir takes all of the guess work out for new moms making their lives as simple & easy as possible.
How To Eliminate Feeding Time Stress From Your Life ... Today!
This is how easy it is to use...
Simple control with just one button:
Click 1 time for 
Warming Stir
  •  Heats to 40°C, 104°F, the ideal temperature for baby formula
  •  Stirs and warms to the optimal formula temperature in only 90 seconds

Click 2 times to Reheat or Defrost 
  •  Reheats whole & partial bottles
  •  Use it for baby formula or breast milk.
  •  Defrosts and warms frozen (or chilled) baby food
Click 3 times to 
  •  Heats to boiling (100°C, 212°F)
  •  Self-cleans and destroys germs on pacifiers, bottle teats, and other small items using a vortex of boiling water
At Last! The Must Have MagiStir 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station for Baby Formula Mixing ... Fast!
Warm & stir formula to the perfect feeding temperature in 90 seconds
Formula that's too hot can burn your baby's delicate mouth and destroy key nutrients in the milk. Formula that's too cold can cause constipation.

MagiStir™ is designed to warm formula to the perfect temperature in 90 seconds. 
  •  Warms to the perfect feeding temperature (40°C, 104°F) in 90 seconds.
  •  Preserves key nutrients in the milk that overheating destroys.
  •  Prevents burned mouths & constipated tummies with a formula temperature that's just right.
She's using just one hand!
No nasty bubbles or frothing
Milk that's stirred, not shaken, for a tummy free from gas, pain & discomfort
Air bubbles created by shaking formula can cause gas, pain, and discomfort in your baby's sensitive tummy. 

MagiStir™ stirs the formula to a smooth consistency. It gives you the perfect mix without creating bubbles or lumps. 

Happy tummy. Happy baby. Happy mommy.
  •  Prevents gas, pain & discomfort caused by lumps and bubbles.
The Perfect Solution If You Want To Defrost & Warm Baby Food And Breast Milk Without A Microwave
Defrost & reheat in 2 clicks
Defrosts and warms baby food and breast milk fast
(without a microwave)
No more microwaves! They destroy precious nutrients and do who-knows-what-else. 

With MagiStir™'s defrost setting, now you can eliminate the microwave entirely.

Simply place frozen or chilled baby food containers or milk bags into your MagiStir™ and activate the defrost setting. 

Because the water swirls and warms, your baby's food heats evenly and to the perfect temperature for your sweet one's delicate mouth. 
  •  Defrosts your baby's food and breast milk in minutes
  •  No more defrosting by microwave!
Sterilises pacifiers and bottle teats with a germ-destroying wash
Germs. Yuck. And your home is crawling with them. 

MagiStir™ makes sterilising pacifiers, bottle teats, and other small items (that end up in your little one's curious mouth) easy and fast. 

There's no need to turn on the stove. Just activate the Wash & Sterilise setting on your MagiStir™ to destroy germs with a whirlpool of boiling water. 
  •  Sterilises pacifiers, bottle teats, and other small items with a whirlpool of boiling water.
A germ-busting whirlpool
Patent Number: PCT/CN2017/105391
The MagiStir 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station
 Patent Protected
Mommies love having one device to rock feeding time: 
  •  Mix & warm baby formula in 90 seconds
  •  Defrost & warm baby food and breast milk without a microwave
  •  Reheat partial bottles (and save milk) 
  •  Sterilise bottle teats & pacifiers
No microwaves! No stove tops! No hassle!
What Mommies Are Saying
"Time saver and incredibly easy to use! MagiStir perfectly prepared formula with just a click of a button."

Mom: Alicent Platenkamp

Sydney, Australia  
Baby: Madelien (1 year old)
“The MagiStir has literally changed my life! My baby used to scream and get completely distressed while we were waiting for the bottle to cool down. The MagiStir took the stress out of those late night/early morning feeds giving her her bottle at the perfect temperature and perfectly mixed! You'll never go back!" 

Mom: Donna Preskow

Brooklyn, New York
Baby: Jessica (6 months old)
MagiStir Makes Your Busy Day Easier, Not Harder
No more cumbersome, complicated devices. 
Because we know you have enough to worry about...
Automatic Shutoff
No Danger of Overheating
When your MagiStir™ reaches the selected temperature, it shuts itself off. It's one less thing for a tired mommy to remember. 

Quick & Easy Cleanup
With MagiStir™'s Wash & Sterilise setting, you can cross one more thing off your to-do list. MagiStir™ cleans itself with a quick but powerful whirlpool of boiling water. Toss in pacifiers and bottle teats for a germ-destroying wash.  

Compact Size
Fits in Your Diaper Bag
Modern mommies are on-the-go. MagiStir™ is small enough to fit in your diaper bag for easier outings. 

 MagiStir is Made with Non-toxic, Durable Materials
Preserve nutrients and prevent toxins for a healthy bouncing baby.
Every MagiStir™ is protected by our 
1-Year Warranty
How is MagiStir™ different from bottle warmers? 
Bottle warmers only warm the bottle. They don't mix it. This means you still need to shake your bottle to get the right consistency, causing air bubbles that can upset your baby's tummy. 

MagiStir™ stirs AND warms. The stirring magnetic arm (like a propeller) stirs the formula perfectly and doesn't froth. At the same time, MagiStir™ heats the formula to the exact temperature recommended for your baby.

Most bottle warmers available don't have an automatic shutoff. Without careful supervision, you can overheat (or even burn) the milk or forget to shut it off entirely. It's a danger for your baby's mouth and your home.
What’s the perfect temperature for sterilisation?
Boiling water (100°C, 212°F). Click 3 times to activate the Sterilise cycle on your MagiStir™.

Why is MagiStir™ more convenient 
than bottlewarmers?
MagiStir™ is the only device that does it all in minutes:

Mix & warm baby formula in 90 seconds. Defrost & warm baby food without a microwave. Reheat partial bottles (and save milk). Sterilise bottle teats & pacifiers
What's so special about a magnetic stirrer?
Our magnetic stirrer stirs the formula evenly and consistently, so you get the perfect mix - without creating bubbles or lumps that can cause discomfort in your baby's tummy.
Can dads use MagiStir™ too? 
Absolutely! MagiStir™ is designed to be perfectly compatible with dads too. Tired moms can rest at ease while dad warms breastmilk or prepares formula - correctly and consistently - with MagiStir™ He can even warm the milk formula while changing baby's diaper!

 Patent Protected
MagiStir 4-in-1 Baby Feeding Station
Retail Price
Patent Number: PCT/CN2017/105391
Happy tummy. Happy baby. 
Happy mummy :)
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